George A. Fulton, Director
Saul H. Hymans, Director Emeritus
About RSQE

RSQE is an economic modeling and forecasting unit that has been in operation at the University of Michigan since 1952. Four times a year, RSQE provides forecasts of both the U.S. national economy and the Michigan economy.

Summaries of the latest RSQE forecasts are always available on this website. However, purchasing a subscription provides the complete forecast and analysis of GDP and its major components, unemployment, prices, interest rates, foreign trade, income and employment in Michigan, etc.

The University of Michigan’s Annual Economic Outlook Conference, the longest-running such event in the United States, is put on by RSQE and is held in Ann Arbor each November. The 64th Annual Economic Outlook Conference took place on November 17–18, 2016, in the Rackham Building.

The attendees at the Conference are primarily upper level business and government economists and analysts from all over the country (with the Midwest over-represented) and from all types of industry, plus local academics from the University of Michigan and the nearby region.

RSQE is directed by Research Professor George A. Fulton. The senior professional staff includes Gabriel Ehrlich, Daniil Manaenkov, Michael R. McWilliams, and Aditi Thapar . RSQE has twice received the prestigious Blue Chip Annual Economic Forecasting Award, AEFA, recognizing “accuracy, timeliness, and professionalism” in economic forecasting.

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