George A. Fulton, Director
Saul H. Hymans, Director Emeritus
The 63rd Annual Economic Outlook Conference
will take place
November 19–20, 2015

Summaries of the latest RSQE forecasts are always available on this website: the latest U.S. Forecast and the latest Michigan Forecast. However, purchasing a subscription provides the complete forecast and analysis of GDP and its major components, unemployment, prices, interest rates, foreign trade, income and employment in Michigan, etc.

Economic Outlook
Program Subscription
Price Attend Confer­ence Forecasts
No­vem­ber March May Sep­tem­ber
Regular Subscription $850 US & MI US US US
Academic Subscription
+  Each Additional Person at Conference $195 US & MI
+  Michigan Update Subscription $350 MI MI MI

A Regular Subscription to the RSQE Economic Forecasts includes four econometric forecasts of the U.S. economy (November, March, May, and September), the November econometric forecast of the Michigan economy, and attendance at the Annual Economic Outlook Conference (one and one-half days) held in November. The fee for this subscription is $850 for the 12-month period beginning in October.

Faculty and professional staff employed at colleges and universities qualify for an Academic Subscription rate of $295; the mailing address must be an academic institution. An Academic Subscription provides the same services as a Regular Subscription.

Regular and Academic Subscriptions include the right to send Additional Persons from the same institution to the November Conference for $195 per person. Additional Persons receive all materials distributed at the Conference.

The Michigan Update Subscription is available to Regular and Academic subscribers and provides three additional forecasts of the Michigan economy (March, May, and September). The additional fee for this update is $350.

The full subscription year is October 2014 through September 2015. Pro-rated subscriptions are available during the period December 2014 through September 2015. Contact us at:

Phone:  734-764-2567
Fax:  734-763-1307